Branding – A New You for 2013

Whether you are a new Realtor or have been licensed for years, one thing that you will always be doing is getting your name out to the public. With social media, print ads, websites and even car wrapping, you have a HUGE selection of ways and means to do just that.

But before you go spending those hard earned dollars, stop and think about it carefully! What is it that you are putting out there? Is it consistent with your current image? Does it truly represent you or is it the same as everyone else? Does your business card match your signs and riders? Do your website and mobile site match your feature sheets or are you using templates that everyone else has access to? HAVE YOU BRANDED YOURSELF?

It only makes sense to create the entire package of who you are and what you do BEFORE putting it out for the public to see. Not only does it help cement your image to the public but it is also a much cleaner and more professional look that makes a long lasting impact on your future clients.

At Sold Right Away, we have many different branding solutions available to you. Customize your own design packages to suit your needs. Has it been a few years since your last headshot? Do your signs look like everybody else’s from your office? Are you tired of using those generic folders from the office for your listing presentations?

We can help create a personal brand for you that will embrace all aspects of your 2013 marketing from logos and business cards to signs, riders, websites, headshots and other print materials which will showcase you and your real estate team!

Make sure you start 2013 on the right foot. Now is the time to sit down with us and let us custom design a brand that highlights your business. Contact us today to book your personal marketing alignment consultation. It’s FREE and it can truly help you get a fresh start!

Your success is our goal because we are Truly Caring for Realtor’s Success!

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