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Revenue Marketing Series Course – The Roadmap To Success.




March to May 2022

Start by learning who you buyers are and sellers are, what they value, and how to make a connection with them. Once you pinpoint your real estate target audience, you’ll discover how to create and modify your brand image to attract them. When you have a clear idea of who you’re advertising to, you can really get inside their head to develop a message that connects emotionally. Marketing can get expensive, identifying a target client will ensure that the money you’re spending directly correlates to the eventual sales you’re making.

Month 1: Understand your Buyers/Sellers
→ How to identify your revenue generating clients
→ The right tools and messages to effectively reach your target audience
Month 2: Nail Your Brand Positioning
→ Define your agent branding and discover what makes you stand out
→ How to craft and clarify your unique value proposition
→ Common mistakes in Real Estate branding and how to avoid them
Month 3: Optimize Your Online Presence
→ Website review + Website SEO + Analytics + Web traffic
→ Content Repurposing: How turn 1 piece of content into 5+
→ How to create eye-catching Facebook Brand Awareness Ads




June to August 2022

Marketing funnels are a useful tool to help you visualize the path clients take from first finding out about your brand to converting. A high converting marketing funnel will include the strategic use of marketing activities that are most likely to generate qualified leads and keep your current clients engaged. Program 2 will break down all of the most successful real estate marketing activities into detailed steps, giving you clear instructions on how to implement them into your business. By the end of this program, you will have a powerful customized marketing funnel to turn cold prospects into life-long clients.

Month 4: Attract & Engage - Shift your approach from sales to value
→ How to simplify your monthly social media marketing tasks (Calendar + Planning)
→ How to create a clickable lead magnet to get more leads
→ How to use your CRM to improve maintain client relationships and market smarter
Month 5: Crash Course: Real Estate Marketing Strategies
→ How to run a Facebook Ads Campaign
→ Email Newsletters
→ Postcard & Direct Mail Marketing
→ Real Estate Farming
Month 6: Build your Marketing Funnel
→ How to create a powerful marketing funnel to turn cold prospects into life-long clients




September to November 2022

Follow-up with real estate leads is one of the biggest determiners of success, which is why I’ve dedicated Program 3 to helping you master the process. The key to maintaining consistent and successful follow-up is to have processes, systems, and scripts. Establishing a clearly defined step by step lead nurturing process will not only help you convert more leads into clients, but it will also save you time and skyrocket your daily productivity. I will give you the marketing system, ideas, and strategies you need to consistently produce more referrals and repeat business than you’ve ever had before.

Month 7: Master the art of Following-Up
→ Short-term and long term follow up systems for sales success
→ How to generate more real estate referrals & get repeat business
Month 8: Keeping Lifetime Clients
→ Re-engagement strategies that keep clients coming back
→ How to leverage special occasions to keep-in-touch
→ Strategic CRM tips
Month 9: Work your sphere of influence
→ How to simultaneously expand your SOI online & in your local community to establish credibility & awareness
→ How to build a mindset for networking
→ How to plan and automate on-going contact with your SOI




December 2022 to February 2023

By program 4, you’ve discovered who your revenue generating client is and how to attract them with clickable lead magnets, engaging blog posts and targeted branding. You’ve created your revenue generating marketing funnel and mastered your follow-up system. Now it’s time to close the deal. Program 4 is your crash course on listing marketing. Discover how to win over sellers by showing them that you do more advertising than just placing the property in the MLS. Get the knowledge and the tools you need to build a repeatable listing marketing system to sell more listings and close more deals in less time.

MONTH 10 : Level Up Your Listing Marketing
→ How to maximize your listing marketing opportunities
→ Essential steps to promoting your listing on social media
→ How to host successful open houses (Virtual & in-person)
Month 11:Master Your Listing Presentation
→ How to create an engaging listing presentation
→ How to properly prepare for objections & FAQ’s
→ Strategies to turn objections into opportunities
Month 12: Year-End Review
→ Use our custom templates and tools to analyze and review the results of your marketing efforts this year
→ Start planning for an even more successful 2023

Meet Your Coach

I am Maude Leger,

Your real estate marketing coach. I work with motivated and result-driven Realtors’ to create and implement powerful marketing strategies that generate real results. As the founder of Sold Right Away, I’ve spent the past 13 years in the real estate marketing industry helping over 500 local clients. My experience working with Realtors of various business styles, expertise and experiences has taught me that every agent is different, and their approach to marketing themselves and their business should be too. My goal is to help my clients leverage their unique competitive advantages in order to attract, convert, and retain more clients while maximizing revenue and business growth.