Display your value, validate your commission, define your superpower, WIN LISTING PRESENTATIONS.

1) PRE-QUALIFY, Prep and Impress Before Meeting 

When it comes to real estate leads, you should be aiming for quality over quantity, every time. You want to make sure you are not wasting your valuable time and resources on prospects who aren’t ready, willing or able to sell. Only after you’ve pre-qualified your prospect and confirmed that they are serious sellers and ready to take action, should you start investing in them as your client. 

Here are a few key questions to ask during your initial conversation: 

  • What are their motivations for buying or selling? 
  • Do they have a timeline? 
  • Are they working with an agent? Do they want to work with an agent? 
  • When can they meet you in person? 

Their answers to these questions should give you a pretty good idea of how serious they are. 

Once you have pre-qualified your prospects it’s time to start preparing for your listing presentation. The content of your listing presentation should be customized to your prospect, which means you should be doing research and collecting information from them ahead of the meeting. A few days after your initial conversation, give them a call to discuss your upcoming meeting. During this call, your goal should be to learn as much as possible about their goals, motivations and expectations. The more you know beforehand, the better prepared you are to wow them and win the listing. 

Tip: Ask them what their communication preference is. 

  • What is their preferred method of communication? 
  • What is the best time of day to contact them? 
  • Would they like you to leave a voicemail? Or would you rather you sent a text message? 

Make note of their answer and respect it. 

Make sure you are asking the RIGHT questions. Download our Sellers Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to guide you. 

Go the extra mile by providing them with a pre-listing package for them to review before your meeting. The package should outline the agenda for your upcoming meeting including what to expect and what to prepare. Include a brief introduction to you and your brand, as well as some resources to help them prepare for their upcoming real estate experience. 

2) Display Your Value 

The goal at your listing presentation is to display your value and clearly define how you are much more than a commodity. In order to do this, you’ll need to differentiate yourself in a way that will resonate with your prospects. Review all of the information you have gathered during the pre-listing process to determine what your prospects value most, and emphasize that in your presentation. This will show them that you truly understand their wants and needs. 

Tip: Avoid talking about other realtors during your listing presentation. Instead focus on YOUR value. Keep it positive. 

3) Focus On Your SUPERPOWER

Your listing presentation should answer the question “why choose you?” Are you a negotiation expert? Do you know the neighborhood inside and out? Does your marketing plan go above and beyond? Whatever your superpower is, make sure it shines through in your presentation. 

4) Share Real Benefits From REAL Experiences. 

You’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to prove your worth with real experiences and examples of your success. Demonstrate your abilities using impressive statistics from previous homes you’ve sold, raving testimonials from satisfied clients, and examples of your marketing materials. There are few things more effective than social proof when it comes to winning the trust of today’s buyers/sellers. 

Tip: If you have worked with clients that are similar to your current prospects, show them how you were able to successfully help them with their real estate needs. This will reassure your prospects of your ability to provide them with a great experience too. 

5) WOW With a Strong Marketing Plan 

The first step of your marketing plan should be a pre-listing inspection. Before pricing and putting the listing up for sale, both you and your seller will want to know that there are no major issues with the property that you were unaware of. This will immediately inspire trust in your sellers, show them you are strategic and proactive in your thinking, and provide peace of mind for everyone included in the sale. WIN. WIN. WIN. 

The next step is to highlight the marketing services you provide. During this part of the presentation it is essential that you are customizing the content to the specific property. Instead of “I provide professional photos and drone photography.” say “Using drone photography for your property, we can showcase the impressive backyard you have to offer.” This shows them once again that you are strategic and knowledgeable in all aspects of the business.

Tip: Educate yourself on the real estate marketing services you provide so you are prepared to answer any questions your sellers may have. 

Highlight your digital marketing plan and strong web presence. Today’s sellers expect your digital campaign to be just as outstanding as your print one. Here are a few things to mention: 

  • Which websites their home will be advertised on 
  • If/ how you plan to leverage social media 
  • Email lists you plan to use to get the word out
  • Virtual tools you plan to use to showcase their home

If you are looking for ways to improve your digital marketing campaign, check out our Virtual Agent Toolkit 

6) Validate Your Commission

When it comes to validating your commission, confidence is key. Remember, it’s not a negotiation. You are selling a service and your commission in your price. 

In order to validate your commission and win listing presentations you must have to be able to explain it clearly. Don’t assume your sellers know how the commission is structured. Be prepared to explain the commission split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent.

If they have any objections, simply remind them about the unique value and expertise you bring to the table and that your commission is a reflection of that value. Most sellers see the commission as a penalty to pay to get their home sold. Help them see it as an investment instead.

Close with a success story. Have stories of how you helped other owners sell their home faster, for more money and with a smooth transaction process. Stories win every time! 

7) Follow up and Follow Through 

At the end of your listing presentation, you’ll be faced with one of two scenarios. They will be ready to sign the contract and hire you, or they will request to think about it. If they are ready to work with you, be prepared with information on what the next steps are. Provide them with an outline of what they can expect over the next 14 days, and establish a clear communication plan including how often they can expect updates and feedback regarding their home. If they are not quite ready to make a decision, thank them for their time, and follow-up the next day.  

Always follow-up your listing presentation with a thank-you message –  the more personalized you can make it, the better. Regardless if you win the listing or not, this will leave them with a positive impression of you and possibly lead to future deals. 

Tip: Follow-up with a phone call the next day and ask them if they have any questions or concerns that came to mind since your last conversation. This is a good way to get feedback. 

After following these 7 steps, your prospects will feel confident in placing the sale of their home into your capable hands.