Converting a potential client into a real customer isn’t achievable within a first meeting. Quick commitments may happen for more affordable items like home appliances or furniture, it is not common for a real estate agent to sign a client on their first meeting.

In fact, the use of Rule of Seven is a marketing framework real estate professionals can use to reduce the face-to-face time to sign a client.


“The Rule of Seven: it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place.” (B2B Marketing)

How does the Rule of Seven apply to real estate agents?

The Rule of Seven suggests that it takes seven interactions, on average, for a client to commit to working with you as their sole agent.

Of course, homes aren’t a cheap purchase. People don’t just buy such an expensive item from someone they do not know a lot about. Homebuyers need time to research and be familiar with you before they get convinced to finally make a purchase.

By interaction, it doesn’t just mean personal meetup. It can be through various ways:

  • TV advertisement
  • Any mention of your brand in print ads
  • A visit to your website
  • Receiving an email from you
  • Hearing someone talk about your business.

How do you use the Rule of Seven to benefit your real estate business?

The Rule of Seven proposes generating repetitive interactions with potential clients. How can you create genuine interactions with clients without requires much of your time or energy?

Some tactics to try include:

Target Certain Clients

When carrying out this marketing strategy, it’s important to know exactly who your target clients are. Figure out their traits and know where they are usually found.

Our articles on How To Target Baby Boomers and Targeting Orphan Buyers might be of interest.

Go To Where Your Target Clients Hang Out

After figuring out your target clients, come up with a plan that will make you be seen where your target clients frequently hang out. These spaces could be online (e.g. Facebook Groups) or in-person (e.g. home and garden show.)

Attend Events

Make attending to events they attend a habit, and making your presence known.

Grow Your Online Presence

It’s also important to work on your online presence. It doesn’t take too much money and effort to promote your business on social media and on Google. You’ll see the benefits quickly.

Share Content Useful To Your Target Market

Make sure your content can be of use to your target market. Homebuyers are always on the look for information they can easily understand.

Write About All Stages of Home Aqusition

Come up with a content marketing strategy that will cover all the stages in home acquisition. Make sure these articles, blog posts and social posts are seen and are shareable on social media.

Invest In Paid Advertising

Don’t be afraid to invest in paid ads. These advertisements help get to your target audience faster than the organic method.

Email Your Contacts Regularly

Last but not the least, keep your existence felt through an email campaign. Reach out to your past and present clients by sending them useful content. Your leads will not mind subscribing to it if they find that your materials are beneficial to them. 


Increase your presence online and in-person, and you will sign clients more quickly and easily.

While it will always be a challenge to sign a client on the first meeting, you may be able to get clients to commit more quickly if they are already aware of you and comfortable with you. If they have had six interactions with your online content or in-person activities, then you might just be able to sign them in that first meeting