A Realtor’s Guide

There is no fixed guideline that guarantees your success as a Realtor, however, there are few measures you can take that will bring you a step further in your journey. Most Realtors have their own way of conducting business, their own style if you will, but they all share few characteristics. The team at Sold Right Away understands how important this step is, so we prepared a list to help guide you through this:

Your passion for linking people to their dream home should be reflected in everything you do – the way you network with people, your commitment to great customer service or even the way you smile during a meeting.

The importance of effective communication cannot be highlighted in our field. You should have a presence in as many communication platforms as possible, this includes but not limited to phone, social media, website and more. In fact, go a step further and switch your communication style to match the clients; this makes them feel important and comfortable.

Be Up to Date with Technology

This could be something as small as committing to a great data plan so you are always accessible by your clients, to knowing home security options to offer your clients. They appreciate all the effort you put in ensuring a smooth transition into their new home.

Be the Neighbourhood Expert

Know the area like your own backyard. You should be able to suggest similar neighbourhoods on the spot if requested. You should know what was recently sold, what is available and where. This adds value in a world full of technology.

Keep Calm and Be a Good Realtor

Understand that even if your clients look calm and collected, they’re still nervous. Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial investments they will have to make. Be patient and walk them through the process. The more confused they are, the harder this process will be for both of you.

Networking, Networking, Networking

We live in a world where your contacts can influence your level of success. It is important to be seen in a positive light. From a casual smile to sending corporate gifts, or even handwritten cards, can go a long way. Remember, asking for references and testimonials doesn’t hurt. This will give you credibility the next time someone looks at your social media reviews or your website.

As a Realtor, your knowledge and reputation matters. Just keep calm and be a great Realtor.

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