The Realtors’ Conspiracy

Video Series

Tune in to our weekly episodes where we crack the code to real estate success. Interviews with the top Realtors in the industry, high achievers sharing their success stories, processes, mindset, motivation and the key to their success.

Business Mentorship; Keepin' It Real "Peer Recognition and Community Support" with Maude Leger

As part of the “live” virtual coffee series, we introduce you to the person behind the logo…discussing lightbulb moments and 3 words of advice with entrepreneurs who have shared their story in our guest blog.

Maude shares her experience behind the scenes as a Nominee in the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards.

Meet our Guest: Maude Leger: “Founder of Sold Right Away Maude started her business with nothing, no capital investment, no help, just Maude and her passion for photography and marketing. Specializing in marekting for Real Estate Agents, Maude goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are taken care of and achieve success.”

What To Do Right Now Series

A video series for Realtors who are struggling through Covid-19. t’s very easy to lose motivation and become stressed and anxious during a crisis like this. But it is so important to focus on staying positive and motivated while continuing to work on your business. This “What to do right now” plan includes 7 things to do right now that will prepare you for success later! Let’s get your next listing!