Branding Series Part 2: Listing Presentations

What should you bring to a listing presentation, to win that listing competition? When you are competing with other Realtors to get a listing, it is important to stand out, be different and have something professional to leave the client after the presentation is completed. You should have value added for the sellers and ask the question, “what are you doing that is different that other Realtors are not doing?” And, “what are you going to do to help their house being sold stand out?”

People would love to hear that you do a lot of Real Estate Marketing and a lot of different types of marketing; not just print or online. Don’t spend massive amounts of money on Facebook, because you can’t put all your money in the same basket. Do some print, do some online, do some events, open house, neighbours open house, have nice signs and make sure your brand is consistent throughout all the pieces. From your online advertisement, to your print, to your sign, everything has to be consistently branded to the same style. When you leave that presentation the sellers will think about it, look through it, talk about it and will see you as an expert and will want to hire you to sell their house.