Branding Series Part 3: Greeting Cards

Welcome back to our Branding Series Part 3, today we’re going to talk about greeting cards. If you ever send cards to your clients and they’re Hallmark cards or blank cards that you buy at the store, you’re missing out on an opportunity to brand yourself. Again, your branding should be on the card so even if you put your business card in, once they open it they take the business card out. Who’s this card from if they leave it on their desk? It has to have your brand and then if people walk in their office or their home and say “oh that’s a nice card who gave it to you?”

Then people can see your brand. I’ve received Christmas cards from clients which were beautiful cards from Costco and then I just thought “but who’s this?” I couldn’t recognize the signature because I know this client so they didn’t put their business card in but I had no clue who it was because all the person signed was their first name. So, having a branded card for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, is a good way to keep in touch with your clients and stay top-of-mind to them and still have your brand out there. Your brand is so important once you build it you have to consistently use it through all your pieces.