Branding Series Part 4: Consistency Is Key

Welcome to our branding series, today is part 4. We’re gonna talk about consistency in your branding and how consistency is key. I had a client that came with a really powerful brand a great logo, spent lots of money on it, had a grant great brand to begin with. But all their pieces were so different inconsistent; inconsistent font, low-res images, bad design, it really cheapened out their brand and their image through the potential clients they could have. I felt bad for them because they spent so much money on that logo on their brand which was very powerful, a very good team, but it was not used properly. So, if you have a madman doing your branding it could be great if they are a great designer as well, but at the same time if they’re using word or a publisher that is not a graphic design software. It might be the time for you to discuss upgrading your branding implementation your implementation should be should be consistent using the same font, using high-end design and consistency through all your pieces. That would include your business cards, your postcards, your feature sheets . Go above and beyond with signs and any giveaway you give out at events, could be water bottles, labels, mouse pads, that you can create any gift away giveaway that you will have should have your brand in a consistent weight.