Branding Series Part 5: Steps To Create Your Brand

Welcome to our branding series part 5. Today we’re gonna talk about steps to create your brand. First thing you should do before going out and meeting with a marketing company or a consultation is to think about, who are you really? what values do you bring to sellers? and to a buyer? what values do you bring to people in general? and what are your strongest qualities. Is it numbers? emotional? caring? dealing with people? what kind of strengths can you bring to a seller and to a buyer? Pick your demographics, what kind of people do you get along with the most? is it stay-at-home mom you can relate to that you have a young child yourself or is it business and executives, where you talk numbers with them, what type of personality are you and who are you gonna be attracting? Don’t try to fake it. People will notice and it won’t work, so think about that when you’re creating your brand and then go meet with a consultant marketing company. Someone that can really absorb everything you’ve thought of and put that into your brand, so it’s consistent with what you’retrying to achieve as well once you meet with the designer or the company. They will be able to pick the emotion or the strength you want to convey and put that into a design, by picking the right font, the right shape, the right colors and really create a strong powerful brand that will convey to your demographics and get your results.