Branding Series Part 6: Budgeting For Your Marketing Plan

Welcome to our branding series part 6, today is about budgeting. A lot of people will say how much is a brand? I respond with “How much is a house?”. There is so many ways to look at it, you can look at it with starting with nothing. We create everything from scratch, it is a lot more money, but it’s a lot more involved. Or we can take a brand that’s already created and walk you through how to make it consistent throughout your pieces, and this can be part of your budget. You can tell us how much you want to spend, and we’ll see how many hours we can spend or just say we’re gonna do it per hour. If you have a powerful brand already and you bring it to us to consistently implement it for you, then we could charge per hour or if you want just a few pieces done you can tell us I have a $500 budget, what can I get? Then we’re super flexible in terms of four five hundred dollars you can get this, this and that, and then later on you should do this, this and that, as well. Really branding can be extremely expensive or very affordable if you’re on a budget. If you find a company that’s flexible this is the key find a company that is flexible that can charge per hour or work with a budget or can also have a lot of integrity. Say maybe you don’t need to do this right now, the most important pieces are here, here, and here and then this is how much it should cost you. Then have this conversation with that person.