Branding Series Part 7: Ultimate Farming Strategy

Welcome to our Branding Series, today (Part 7) we’re going to talk about real estate farming. Should you farm an area? Absolutely! A lot of people will say “I am a Realtor, I can do Real Estate from Oakville to Niagara, I can take a listing anywhere!”. I get that, don’t say no if it is still close enough to where you are but at the same time farming is extremely important to generate money in a small pocket area that you are in. But Real Estate farming has to be done smart! You pick an area that you have a lot of sales or experience in that neighbourhood or that you are involved in the community or even the community that you live in. Take the community that your kids go to school in, I can talk about Real Estate farming for hours. You can do print farming, online farming, networking farming, and all of this needs to be implemented into your strategy. Your strategy should include networking in the area for sure, having community events that you are hosting and participating in them as well. Printing and admail, a lot of people will take your card or material and throw it out, but even though you are farming an area with post cards and you think its a waste of money; it is not. It is a touch, people want to see you as much as possible and it will build your brand recognition in that area.

Again, make sure your brand is consistent throughout your pieces, have your post card and signs to reflect this, where you are giving them out in that neighbourhood. Your brand should be effective and built properly that people recognize it and you. They will see you at the school and say “Hey you are the Realtor, I saw your sign on my street.” Then once you have the listing, leveraging your listing is really important. Make sure your strategy includes print, online and psychical and networking in all your farming area.