Branding Series Part 8: Updating Your Brand & Brand Review

Welcome to our Branding Series, and today (Part 8) we’re going to talk about Brand Review and Updating. So, you have created your brand and it was really powerful, really good, consistent throughout the year. Now you feel like you need a little update, how do you go about that? Do you start from scratch? It depends; let an expert look at it and review your material and they will be able to tell you if you should keep it, change the font a little bit, if its perfectly consistent and more modern and up-to-date. Other wise you may need a brand new re-brand then you will need to start the process from scratch and go from the beginning again.

Throughout the years, if you just want to work slowly without having to change EVERYTHING you can do that as well without changing your consistency. Lines can be changed or a font can be tweaked to improve your brand; as long as that font is changed throughout all pieces of your brand.

Also in your brand update, it is also very important to update your portrait. It should be updated within three to five years, women sometimes two to three years. Your portrait should be consistent to who you are everyday, if you change your hair style, color and/or length dramatically, change your portrait! If you change your glasses or if you never wore them and now you do, you should change your portrait photo.

Keep an eye on your brand and tweak it throughout the years and do a re-brand when its time.