Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 51: BCOC – Connecting leaders & creating opportunities

Interview with Carla Nell, the President and CEO of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. “COVID-19 is unlike anything we have ever experienced, and the economic impact has been very deep and profound.” in this interview, Carla talks with us about the economic impact of the current pandemic, and how we should be responding as citizens of Burlington and as local business owners. She speaks with us about the many resources available to us, and how the Chamber is continuing to work with businesses to help them recover from this crisis.

She also gives us insight into the value of being part of the Burlington Chamber. According to Carla, Chamber membership right now is more valuable than it’s ever been. Listen as she gives us the top 3 benefits of being a Chamber member.

This interview is filled with valuable information and advice for local Realtor’s and Entrepreneurs, check it out now!