Featured on the Open Roll Podcast with Jurgen Rudolph!

Featured on the Open Roll Podcast with Jurgen Rudolph! Maude, of Sold Right Away, is our guest. Through circumstances, Maude decided to move from the home she had bought and chose to do the photos and marketing, because that is what she does. The house sold at a profit. This led to a partnership with her realtor and other realtors in that office. Virtual tours of homes were popular at the time but Maude did not want to take that approach, it isn’t what she does. She started doing the marketing the way she likes to do it.

It is a video about the house, and images to showcasing the property. It can be for any realtor wanting to show a property. This led to wanting to purchase a drone that was affordable. From there, she started offering drone photography as well as videos.

Maude uses a DJI drone, it’s a quad-copter (4 propellors), it has a camera attached to it, and it is controlled with a controller, or an iPhone or iPad. One person controls the drone and uses the controller, and Maude is beside with the iPhone or iPad and controls the creative part. Maude takes the shots and the video and directs where to send the drone.

Drones are being used for capturing surf shots, and other sports, such as skateboarding and skiing. The drones are also being used for monitoring events, because they are showing what is really happening.

Virtual staging for real estate is another service that is available. It can showcase a home with furniture and design details without actually renting furniture or having a designer in. A possible service would be a consulting business for how to use drones for your business. There is a learning curve to flying and controlling the drone. There are obstacles and laws to obey to flying the drone. Ideas are something, but execution is everything. Those ideas come to you all the time, but don’t be afraid to act on them.