Get More Series – Episode 1: Our New Series

Welcome to our get more series. This series is going to be all about helping you get more listings, close more deals, but it all starts with building a strong brand and powerfully marketing your listings.

In this series, were going to supercharge your brand and help you win more listings at listing presentations, and also, leverage what you don’t know that you already have! With all that you’re going to maximize your commission and keep doing what you love to do in real estate. Step one to supercharge your brand is definitely to assess your brand first.

Look at it, make sure all your pieces are consistent because if not, you’re competing against yourself every time you put a piece of marketing out there. If it’s not the same, people will think it’s a different agent. They don’t actually look at your picture, at your logo, at your font, but once it looks together and is pieced together properly, then it is like you. You don’t see Nike changing their logo on a piece of marketing here and there; it’s always the same.