Get More Series – Episode 4: Leveraging Your Assets

Welcome back to our get more series! We talked about branding supercharging it, creating a target audience, and now it’s time to leverage all that. Leverage everything that you have that can bring you return on your investment. Time to leverage your brand to your targeted audiences and areas, it must be very specific and it will be very clear to them, that you’re the one that can professionally take care of their real estate needs. You must use video for all your marketing, video of yourself promoting what you do for your clients and content videos leveraging your knowledge. What do you know about real estate? is it the numbers? the markets? the community? what are the trends? what’s going on? are you targeting buyer’s or seller’s? Anything in video will help your ranking. Use testimonial videos, if you want your clients to say how great you are. Using testimonial videos will leverage your clients to get your next client. People love to hear what other have to say, they’d love to see reviews, and you will be the one getting the edge above other real estate agents. At sold right away we do create videos, give us a call and we’ll create a video strategy for your campaign and your marketing that will bring you a result.