Get More Series – Episode 7: Strategizing For Your Brand

Welcome back to our get more series. We’re gonna talk about strategy, are you one of those people that goes all out on marketing when you don’t have a listing, and stop when you do? You must have systems and procedures in place to make sure you’re consistently marketing throughout the year. You cant stop because it will hurt later. A lot of Realtors say, I don’t like cold calling, I don’t like door knocking. That’s fine, if you don’t like it, you’re not good at it, don’t force yourself into it, you’re gonna hate it. Just pick another strategy, are you gonna be building relationships with your client? are you gonna focus on other ways to market yourself, like social media? or actual face-to-face meetings with your clients? As long as you have a strategy in place that you’re focusing on, that you’re blocking time off your calendar and you’re doing it, you will be successful! It’s really hard sometimes to identify what will work best, there’s nothing that’s gonna work best for you other than doing something you love to do. If you don’t love doing it, it’s not gonna bring you results. If you need help putting your strategy together your systems and procedures, give us a call we can help you with that consultation any time.