Get More Series – Episode 9: Processes & Plans To Win

Welcome back to our get more series. It’s time to discuss processes to win in your industry as a Realtor. You must plan your work and work your plan. It’s easy to get distracted, be motivated, to stay at home and not actually want to do the work, but if you have a plan and you work your plans, it will be way easier. Any strategy that we discuss in this series will help you attract more clients and increase yourselves. Bonus part of it; the more professional you’re going to look, the higher you can keep your commission rate up. People get often bullied into reducing their commission all the time, but if you have a professional brand, you have professional service and you’re clear on your strategy, your marketing, and everything you’re gonna do to market the property for a seller. Then definitely your commission rate must stay high. They’re gonna be happy that you sold their house in less time and less inconvenience than that realtor who will just put a sign and wait for it to sell by itself. Lots of viewings or no viewings, lots of stressful situations that will not help them or give them a good overall experience. You can do way better, so make sure to plan your work and work your plan. If you need help putting that plan together and your check list for each part of your business, give us a call. We can definitely help you with putting those checklists in place for you.