Why Great Photography Sells Homes Faster

Price and location are the most important factors when selling a home. When selling in a desirable neighbourhood with the right price, competition is extremely high. The way to stand out among the other listings is having stellar photography that shows off the home.

Since technology has taken over the industry, 92% of homebuyers use the internet to start their home search. These buyers have hundreds of homes available at their fingertips before they have to go physically see the property. This is where high end photography plays a major role.

Hiring a professional photographer is crucial. They will use the right lighting and angles to capture the home in its best form. During the post production phase, the photographer will choose the right photos and enhance them. They will go through to ensure the trees, grass, sky, and colours are perfect. One unnoticed flaw can make a difference when a buyer has hundreds of homes to browse on the web.

The average attention span has been shrinking, so having an eye-catching thumbnail will make a difference between a scroll and a click. Once the potential buyer has clicked, it’s time to compel them with creative story-telling techniques in the listing details. Seeing great photos and connecting with a fascinating marketing copy brings the potential buyer one step closer to requesting a showing.

Make professional photography a part of your brand. If a seller has to chose between a Realtor that uses professional photography and one that does not, you can assume which one they will want to showcase their home. Most real estate business comes from referrals so it’s crucial that your clients have the best impression of your marketing efforts.

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