Holding a Successful Open House

Whether you’re new to the business and looking for some helpful tips, or are looking to spice up your regular open house routine, we’ve collected some ideas on how to hold a successful open house.

Before the Open House

It is important for your clients to prepare their home before it enters the market, but it is equally important for them to upkeep and manage the tidying up and cleaning throughout the selling process. Ensuring that the necessary renovations, decluttering, and staging have been played out, the selling of your listing will be faster, as potential buyers will not be distracted by insignificant details.

Once the house has been prepared for your open house, it is essential that you advertise the listing towards its target audience. Determining who is most likely to show interest in the property will allow you to determine which marketing technique to use to best suit the listing. Perhaps the listing is in a new neighborhood, so you’re expecting young families. Marketing online, through social media, might be a good option. In addition, remembering to provide directional signs will help increase the flow of potential buyers into the home.

Become familiar with the surrounding area. Knowing the location of the local schools, recreation centers, shopping malls, and popular restaurants, will help the client become aware of the diversity of the area this house is in.

During the Open House

Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the home can make all the difference in a buyer’s opinion. Here are our top tips on what to do during your open house:

  • Let in natural light: this will create a cheerful, natural, environment.
  • Serve food and drink: this encourages buyers to stick around and explore the house more; opening up the opportunity for them striking an interest in something they would otherwise have passed over.
  • Listen to feedback from potential buyers: showing that you are interested in what a buyer has to say will help them respect you, and will increase the chances of them remembering who you are.
  • Add a unique touch! Providing an aerial visual of the property, outing unique characteristics, or enhancing the perception of a vacant home with virtual staging, can spark interest in a buyer.

After the Open House

Following up on interested clients, or their realtors, will help you get an idea of what worked well and what didn’t, what they liked and didn’t like. This can also help you find more clients, as they will see that you paid attention to them and were interested in their needs.

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