How to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

A study done by NewHomeSource verifies that one of the features new buyers are constantly looking for in their new home is larger space. Even with a house relatively small, there are many ways you as a seller or realtor, can maximize the available space to imitate that of a larger home. The perfect solution to avoid cramped and cluttered feeling.

Improve traffic flow by decluttering and staging

If you haven’t put some thought on how traffic moves through your home, it is important you take few minutes and move through your home. Keep an eye on how smooth the flow is and make a list of what needs to be adjusted to avoid stumbling, breaking or squeezing through furniture.

“Clearing countertops, removing knickknacks and getting rid of oversized furniture are key first steps to make your space appear as spacious as possible.” (ReMax) In simple, clear and hide any item from the counter or floors by storing away non-daily items.

Let there be light

Good lighting and light, crisp colours can go a long way towards making your room more spacious. The main idea is to balance out all elements around the house as opposed to focusing mainly in one room to allow a smooth transition and eye movement throughout the room and house in general.

Pro Tip: Remove large dramatic curtains, rugs and wall stand to allow more natural light in.

Position for function

Configure the space and furniture in a manner to maximize function and reduce waste (utilize every corner; yes, that also means the space under the staircase). This does not mean you have to hide all your treasures; organize it to promote a natural path and maybe interesting and open space.

Hang a mirror

Large mirrors create the illusion of space! “Not only does it draw the eye up, it bounces light around the room, making any space appear larger and brighter.” (Forbes)

Smaller furniture = Larger room

This goes hand in hand with “Let there be light.” Bulky furniture can make spaces appear smaller leading to congested traffic during events. It also attracts more attention than other areas of the room or home. “A great rule of thumb is; The more wall space and floor space that is visible, the better.”

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