Branding Series Part 1: Instagram Personal vs Business Account

A lot of people are asking about branding and I am doing lots of presentations about branding, so its a hot topic right now. I decided to do a branding series. Part one is about Instagram Personal Accounts vs. Business Accounts, when do you switch and why. When you start you should have a personal Instagram, which is great for your personality and showing your online presence. When they research a Realtor they can find out about your personality, how close you are and what you have in common; potential buyers and sellers love that.

At what point do you change to a business account? When you are ready to spend money. If you are a business, Instagram sees you as business and that you want to make money and they also want to make money from you. But, you get some perks out of it, you will be able to see more insights on your campaigns, more stats on your ads, more ways to see what time to post and to see what people are reacting to the most. It gives you a lot of tools so in return you have to pay a little bit more money for that. It gets you better exposure online and you can have results using a business account vs a personal account.