Leveraging Your Listings: Marketing Techniques

We’ve discussed the importance of branding and marketing your business to find new clients, but have you considered marketing your listings as well? You’d be surprised how using current listings can help you find new clients. Follow along as we discuss marketing tools to utilize, to leverage your listings for a never-ending stream of clients.

Using quality, up-to-date technology can improve the impression a listing has on prospective buyers, and Realtor competition. This form of technology shows them that you are knowledgeable on the tech industry, modern with your marketing tools, and dedicated to selling your listings for your clients. Followed are some of the modern marketing tools that can help you find more clients:

Quality Photography

Using quality photography will help show your listing in its best light. Since these are often the first impression of a home, it is vital for them to be presentable. Providing each of your listings with professional photos will show buyers interested in your listing that you are a professional Realtor that takes pride in all aspects of a listing.

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging enhances vacant listings, improving the appeal of them. Using a marketing tool like this, that is unique and customized, can show potential clients that you will go that extra mile to present your listing in the most positive manner.

Matterport 3D Tours

3D Matterport tours are a great tool to use as they provide an interactive, virtual reality for potential buyers to explore.

Aerial Photography and Video

Aerial video and photography can be used to highlight unique characteristics of the property of your listing. Whether a large, oddly shaped, or newly renovated lot, aerial shots provide viewers with a special view of the property. This shows interested client the work that are you willing to put into your listing.

Custom Websites

Creating a custom website is the perfect outlet to display all of your marketing tools, as it allows potential clients – whom have seen your name on listing and open house signs – to access your information in a quick and simple manner. This site will highlight your photography, aerial work, and matterport tours, while providing clients with a list of your current and recent Sold listings.

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