Millennial Home Buyers

As more millennials enter their 30s, the number of buyers in the housing market keep increasing; combining this with the red hot real estate market there is no reason to skip this golden opportunity. A 2015 report confirms the peak levels in housing decisions from the oldest millennials. As a seller, it is essential to meet basic industry demands in order to get the maximum return on your investment, these ‘must haves’ include ample storage. Here is a list of items that homebuyers are looking for and how you can communicate with them.

Homebuyers Checklist

  • Open Kitchen: this promotes a seamless flow into other spaces, like dining and living rooms, to allow homebuyers to be able to interact with guests, watch TV, or multi task with other duties while being able to cook. Tip: Consider cabinets with no handles to give a sleek modern look and a sense of additional space.
  • Office Space: With technology advancing with every click, working from home has become a trend. Many homebuyers are now looking for an office space to prevent them from household distractions (kitchen counter no longer cuts it). It is also popular for growing families, as it gives the potential to convert it into a nursery or additional room in the future.
  • Low Maintenance: It is busier than ever, therefore, low maintenance homes such as hardwood floors are more convenient for families as they are easy to clean. This gives more time for other essential duties such as spending time with family or office work.
  • Outdoor living: The small chance of getting a holiday or day-off, millennials aim to make most out of them. Maybe it’s the combination of the busy city life and social media platforms such as Pinterest, homebuyers are looking for comfy lounge chairs or beautiful grilling space in their backyard for BBQ. Having a beautiful garden space can also motivate gardening hobbies which can act as a getaway from the stress.

How To Communicate With Millennials

As technology and routine life eats away time, it has become more difficult than ever to get someone’s attention. How can you attract them to your set of expertise and encourage them to turn into qualified leads and eventually a sale? Here are few tools at your disposal:

  • Talk the talk they understand; this means replacing long physical conversations to short text messages.
  • Mobile replaces desktop; “Mobile users reached a milestone in 2015. For the first time, they outnumber the amount of desktop users accessing the internet.” Say folks at Agent Image. It is crucial to have your website mobile compatible. Be sure to capture all the traffic and send them through your sales funnel in order to determine quality leads.
  • Save on printing cost by using digital presence such as email marketing or using links on your blogging material to divert users to other relevant contact. Capture email address by providing free white paper (free content which can only be made available in exchange for something else, usually their email address.) You can also use this platform to share your social media links to keep building your database. Added benefit: It also helps with your SEO.
  • Use social media! In simpler words, this tool is word-of-mouth and buzz marketing on steroids. You can deliver fresh content to your target audience in order save your brand and reach a wider audience.

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