More About Virtual Staging

Results from many studies prove that using photos and interactive mediums such as videos online play a key role in attracting potential buyers. Virtual staging refers to using technology to furnish empty rooms. This process requires creativity and trending design sense in your local real estate market. The end result? Visually appealing images that allow clients to “visualize what otherwise would be a blank canvas and help better grasp furniture placement and making a home more inviting” (National Association of Realtors).

Virtual Staging vs Home Staging

In the simplest form, home staging refers to placing real furniture into the property. This is a more expensive process as it requires purchase/rent of furniture and potential storage. On the other hand, virtual staging does not require the purchase of real furniture as it is all added using technology, and depending on companies, the results are usually as realistic as possible.

Is virtual staging really the future of staging?

  • Yes, as it allows buyers to better visualize the space by modifying different elements of a room such as color scheme or adding furniture or utilities like upgrades to a kitchen.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is a cheaper solution than traditional home staging because there is no furniture to rent or movers to hire. For a stager, it reduces storage cost as well.
  • The goal here is to not be deceiving but to showcase how a home can be furnished, therefore, clear labels need to be added that inform viewers that the images are a result of virtual staging in order to prevent surprises during open houses or private viewings.

How to get the most out of your virtual staging?

Start with a vision of the finished product –  This is done by considering your target audience and their lifestyle needs. This is important because you can maximize the features that are most appealing to your niche market. Remember, do not limit yourself to personal preference, but rather focus on the vision of your home which can attract a large pool of potential buyers.

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