Do My Noisy Neighbours Affect My Property Value?

When you buy your dream home and also get wonderful neighbours, that’s a cherry on top of the sundae. However, that’s not always the case. Neighbours can easily be the source of frustration when moving into your new home and can ruin the entire experience.

What defines a bad neighbour? Various things; from loud noises to barking dogs to eye soring unkempt yards, all of which can also negatively impact your property value. When hosting an open house or scheduling a private viewing, potential buyers don’t only tour the home and picture them living there but also assess their neighbours and neighbourhood. Remember, the closer the problem homes are to you the more you stand to lose. As a real estate agent, it is important to understand your clients’ needs and link them to not only their dream home but also their dream neighbourhood.

What can you do as the seller?

Firstly, confront your neighbours by addressing the problem and presenting few solutions. Let them know that you will be hosting an open house or are expecting potential buyers and want to present the neighbourhood “in the best light possible.” You can even suggest helping not only setting up your home but also preparing your neighbourhood.

The help you offer as a seller can be as simple as sharing your collection bin to disposing unwanted items with your neighbour, to stepping up and helping them with their yard issues.

What can you do as a buyer?

Do not limit yourself to appointments to check out the neighbourhood. Visit the neighbourhood different times of the day in order to avoid potential risks. Encourage sellers to introduce you and familiarize with the neighbourhood by taking a walk around.

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