Real Estate and Realtor Video Promoting with Facebook Algorithm

With the new Facebook Algorithm and changes being done everyone is freaking out on what it means to them. Sold Right Away will help you stay ahead of the competition online using videos. You should always have video content that are professional and live videos that you can do on your own. Type of videos you can do are:

Listing Videos: Videos and slideshows of you property listing.

Client Testimonials Videos: Everyone should have them on your realtor website. If you have written testimonials, people see this as possible fake, made up client and not even true. The only way to get a real testimonial is by having them on video, telling the audience their story and their experience they had with their realtor.

Events Videos: If you are hosting events, have some live video and professional video. Showcase what you are doing in your business, the influences, the partners should all be a part of this experience.

Community Videos: By showcasing your community, you can show people where the best place to eat, the best entertainment and shopping. You can also tag those businesses to your videos to help engage your reach.

Knowledgeable Videos: Display your knowledge and experiences online; do market minutes, talk about the neighborhood, the real estate market, and how are things going in the community.

Remember to just be interesting, switch it up a lot and do different types of videos, it will keep your engagement really high.