Real Estate Videos: Just Do It

If you have been anywhere on social media lately, you have noticed how important video is. Everybody is telling us about it and everybody is doing it. I am here to tell you I have been the biggest hypocrite, I have been doing videos for Realtors for over 10 years and I always tell them its easy, you can do it, but you have never seen me on video. I just started doing them because my team is telling me I need them, and because it helps your engagement, your business and your ranking. I feel your pain; I know how hard it is and that its awkward, do you know how many takes it took me to do this video right now?

So all you need is professionals, they will take all your takes and put them together nicely and make you look good. Video drives your engagement and helps your ranking, you have to do it! Nobody wants to be on video, you are going to hate it anyways, you are not going to like your voice, you are not going to like the way you look like. Just get it done and forget it.