Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 142 -Consistency Is Key


On this week’s Realtors’ Conspiracy Episode we sit down to chat with Vince Fracassi of Fracassi & Co. Not long ago, Vince co-found Fracassi & Co. Together they are a diligent & determined boutique-like team who strives to achieve the absolute best for their clients through consistency in their brand, marketing & listings! Join us as we go on to chat about how Vince took on a modernized approach to managing a team both on the client side and internal side. We also dive into the importance of representation and perception – taking measures to fill your day accordingly, recruiting agents who are like-minded but can also add value in their own way; and, implementing tight & reliable processes. Be sure to give this episode a listen as you’ll be captivated from start to finish!

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