Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 143 – Authenticity In Your Brand & Business

Join us this week on our Realtor’s Conspiracy Podcast as we sit down to chat with Realtor Madelyn Townes of Revel Realty Inc. Madelyn is well-known across TikTok for her knowledgable and informative content about all things Real Estate; including, market patterns, stats, client experiences & much more! Together, we dive into Madelyn’s refreshing & modern take on the business of Real Estate today, why she considers it important to study the numbers, and, her unique & rewarding approach to being vulnerable with her audience. On top of this, we also see Madelyn as she recently transitioned from working as a team to working as a solo agent in Real Estate. For Madelyn, it is all about finding a balance of knowing the professional but bringing in the personal to make her brand, her content, & her business synchronized, authentic & valuable!

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