Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 145 – Being Flexible & Keeping Grounded

Join us on this week’s episode of our Realtors’ Conspiracy podcast as we sit down to chat with Tree Ryde who is an expert in all things human behaviours. You’ll be sure to gain insight on how you can manage your busy days, keep yourself grounded & set boundaries based on how you cope. Tune in as we further chat about actions to optimize your day-to-day, the importance of being flexible, self-aware, and, responsive instead of reactive. As part of coping mechanisms, Tree touches on what it means to have positive distractions vs negative ones, being a “pleaser” and so much more! If you’re a Realtor, business owner, or otherwise looking to reflect on how you can grow, explore opportunities of development & be curious about who you are and what categories you may fall into, then tune into this episode! Wanting to learn more? You can reach tree at for a free hypnosis audio on life & flexibility or visit her website for more information!

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