Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 147 – Connections And Lasting Impressions

Tune in on this week’s episode of our Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast as we sat down with Aidan Naus of Capstone Real Estate Professionals. Aidan is a devoted & active Realtor who takes a keen interest in farm/land properties and loves to build lasting client relationships through his conversational and future-minded approach to Real Estate. Together we go on to chat about all things related to maintaining client relationships, nurturing key leads, being the go-to expert in your area of expertise & so much more! Aidan further shares how he specifically takes on his business as a “relationship” Realtor as opposed to a “transactional” one; using his likes and hobbies to create new & genuine connections with prospective clients. Alongside all this, he makes sure to find time to unplug & reset in order to jump back in with a refreshed and clear mindset!

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