Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 150 – Providing Your Clients With The Best

This week join us for our 150th episode of our podcast we sit down with Nicolette Modi of Fracassi and Co. As co-founder of the team, Nicolette is all about delivering the best results by upholding the expectations of her clients & making genuine connections with them. Tune in as we dive into topics such as: the importance of keeping-up-to-date with the market, having structure & consistency with your marketing plans, how having a set calendar can help you to organize your day, and so much more! Nicolette also speaks on how she values the importance of staying on top of her clients needs, makes sure to have a purpose when touching base with leads, and so much more. We also dive into tips and tricks when it comes to staging your listings and the philosophy of “less is more”.

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