Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 151 – What’s Your Niche?

Tune in on this week’s episode of our Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast as we sat down with Realtor Ahmad El Ajou of EL Ajou Homes and Chase Realty. As someone with a deep-rooted background in sales, marketing and Real Estate, Ahmad understands the importance of laying the ground work for marketing to build your brand, expanding your reach & overall manifesting growth. Together Maude & Ahmad dive into the many benefits of establishing a presence for yourself both online and in person, using automation to your advantage, how to understand your niche and so much more! More than this, Ahmad values the quality of being appreciative spanning across both personal and business. As he says – be open to learning, always have a plan of action & know your strengths.

We’re nearly half way through the year and it’s the perfect time to check in on your goals and/or create some new ones! Click the link below for our guide to help you set and achieve those goals!