Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 152 – Building Your Foundation

This week, we are joined by Lisa Sly of The Kate Broddick Team & Revel Realty. There is lots that is shared in this episode as we explore Lisa’s experience in Real Estate, how her background in social work has shaped her base, her desire for continual growth and so much more! Together, we dive into why it’s important to strive for a work-life balance in an industry that is constantly on the go, finding your footing as a new Realtor; and, understanding not only your strengths but where you lack so you can build your business accordingly and find support otherwise. Lisa is a true advocate for her team and their mentorship program that supports new agents as she makes it her goal to empower those around her – whether it be fellow agents, clients, friends or all! Lisa is big on dedication, trusting the process, and mindfulness! Tune in to fully soak up all the goodness, tips and insights that Lisa brings!

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