Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 155 – Understanding Your Clients Better

Join us this week in part 2 of our mini series with Tree Ryde – our human behaviour expert! This week, we continue with our mini series as we jump into the basis of what it takes to better understand your clients, meet their needs and create genuine connections with them. Through this deep dive, we gain insight on how knowing such behaviours can help Realtors to win more listings and continue on the path of growth both in personal and in business! While in part 1 we learned all about drivers, this week we expand on the concept of what people are trying to prove – be it freedom, belonging or otherwise! Specifically, Tree teaches our Realtor audience how you can apply this knowledge to your relationships with clients, be curious about stepping into your clients model of the world, and ultimately, be able to better read them in order to establish that bond and trust.

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