Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 158 – Business Leadership & Success

On this week’s podcast episode we chat with Neil Haveron of Haveron Leadership. Neil and his business are committed to helping to develop strong business leaders through the lens of the human aspect; thinking of others needs, bringing it back to core conversations & navigating those complexities. Tune in to hear all the tips and tricks on how you as a Realtor can understand the importance of setting priorities, be purposeful in leading your team and/or clients, and set a framework for effective leadership. Together, we also dive into managing stress and navigating the shift in business ideologies since the start of the pandemic – how can you better frame your dialogue, set intentions and bring back the human element? Adding to this, Neil speaks on collective needs vs individual needs, the importance of being candid and so much more! Grab your pen and paper because this episode is packed with valuable business leadership information that can just as easy be translated to client relationships!

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