Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 166 – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

On our episode this week we sat down with Nick & Zina Gewarges of Right At Home Realty. A match made in heaven! Nick and Zina found the perfect recipe to working in Real Estate as a married couple and we chatted all about how they balance each other out, tips and tricks for managing client expectations, advising your clients accordingly, and much more. Together we further dove into the practice of servicing different types of clients, the analytics of business vs the human aspect, and, the concept of “timing” the market. We also went on to talk about understanding the importance of being adaptable to technology and keeping up with trends. As well, they shared why knowing when to let your partner take the lead in business is important. This episode is PACKED with great insights! Passionate about all things Real Estate, tune in to learn all about this dynamic duo, how they got their start and what they bring to the table.

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