Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 167 – Confidence, Persistence & Bravery

“Tune in on our newest episode of the Realtors’ Conspiracy podcast as we spoke with Chris Jagt, co-owner of Chase Realty Brokerage. This episode is a must listen! Chris shares plenty of useful tips, tricks & advice for Realtors wanting to grow, learn & adapt to market trends. Together, Maude & Chris further dive into the importance of expanding your bubble, utilizing the resources available to you, common questions he gets, and much more! Chris also gives his top 3 tips for managing your database, what it means to find connections vs clients, and offers his best advice to new Realtors! On top of all this, Chris shares what he’s excited for coming up within his Brokerage, as well as, how they plan to innovate & service their agents!

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