Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 169 – Manifesting Success

This week on the Realtor’ Conspiracy podcast we are joined by Lisa Cox of Keller Williams Edge Realty. As a seasoned Realtor, Lisa is all about manifesting her success through key practices, goal-setting & connecting her energy with clients. It’s all about the law of attrition for Lisa! What you give is what you get. Be genuine in your approach to clients, always give and be accepting of support; as well as, strive to be consistent with your best practices. In tune with this, timing is everything for Lisa. To Lisa, there is no pressure on herself or her clients! Going with the flow is key as every day bring something different in this industry! Together Maude & Lisa also touch on working through market challenges, the benefits of getting involved in your community, and the melting pot that is personal and business as a Realtor. What if you could work with proven, clear systems to achieve any goal? Make sure to check out our goal setting and achieving workbook.