Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 170 – Winning More Listings

Tune in on our newest episode of the Realtors’ Conspiracy podcast this week as we sat down to chat with Nate Brouwer of Keller Williams Energy Real Estate. On this episode we learn all about Nate’s impressive journey in Real Estate as he shares what helped him to grow his business and plenty of insightful advice for new Realtors starting up! Together, we dive into the importance of executing your listing presentation, using social media to your advantage & figuring out what works for you early on in your career. Nate also shares his thoughts on what you can do to spend smart as a Realtor, the importance of being ambitious and seeking out opportunities; as well as, tricks to leverage your listings. Tune in to hear more about Nate and how he was able to build a sustainable business!

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