Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 178 – Work Moms: Having Flexibility

We’ve reached the end of our work moms mini series! Join us on our final episode to close out this chapter as we speak with Erika MaKay of Niche For Design and chat all about her experience, tips and tricks. With Erika, we learn about nurturing both your maternal side and entrepreneurial side, re-evaluating your role after coming back to work from a leave, managing expectations and so much more! Together, we also dive into the concept of protecting your time, optimizing your flexibility & finding tools and resources that work for you. We go on to explore topics such as carving out opportunities to de-stress for yourself and your team, having the ability as an entrepreneur to design your life & introducing daycare into your life! This episode is packed with tons of valuable information as we bring our working mom series to a close.

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