Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 192 – Sales, Marketing & Delivery

We sat down with Owner of Shine Insurance Jeremy Goodrich this week on our podcast. Jeremy had plenty of tips and advice to share about how Realtors can navigate their business, attract clients & stay on top of their game! Together, we dove into the value of building your networking in a core community, the delicacy of finessing your words according to personalities, and, how to turn questions into content. We also explored why Jeremy loves LinkedIn and how you can adapt his “LinkedIn Challenge” in your business. Jeremy shares an abundance of information on this episode; including, the balance of knowing how your value as a Realtor changes in a shifting market and how to adjust accordingly. We also touched on the importance of structuring deals to speak to the interest of the seller and being the Realtor who can do this for your clients. Between all the helpful information Jeremy brings to the table & his ‘New Home Buyers Guide’ resource he shares, this episode is a must listen!

Are you interested in Jeremy’s recommended read? Check it out⤵️