Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 196 – Action & Investing

This week on our Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast we sat down with Brent Bowers, owner of The Land Sharks & expert Investor & Coach. Brent’s expertise is in land investing and how you can get your foot in the market! With a specialty in coaching Realtors and Real Estate investors on how to buy land, Brent is passionate about sharing his experience, knowledge & mastery. Tune into this episode as we discuss the importance of being intentional and action-focused, what his template and process is for buying land, and, how he leverages his partnership with Realtors. We also dive into what Brent see’s as the number one mistake people make when investing in land, the concept of the “get it done now” price, & the benefits of time-blocking your day as a business investor or owner.

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