Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 203 – Finding Success Through All Markets

Join us on our episode this week as we sat down to speak with Realtor Mitch Mckechnie of the Mckechnie Brothers and RE/MAX Real Estate Centre. Our chat emphasizes the importance of having a relentlessly positive mindset while also putting in the necessary hard work to build a successful Real Estate business. Together we further speak about mitigating burn-out, the importance of hitting your checkpoints when it comes to listing a home, the practice of learning through doing, and, plenty more! For Mitch, the satisfaction level of his clients is of the utmost importance at the end of the day. He recognizes that no one can control the market and uses his best advice to help guide him through business – closings happen every day! Mitch has a clear positive attitude, understanding of the need for self care and the knowledge and passion for Real Estate to succeed. Check out this episode to learn all about how you can find success through all markets!

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