Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 205 – Perfect As You Go

Join us on our podcast this week as we sat down to chat with Realtor Natalie Hashka of Coldwell Banker Community Professionals. Natalie had plenty of insights to share – including, the importance of implementing systems & checklists, embracing challenges, prioritizing client experiences, and the benefits of seeking out new educational opportunities. Natalie is big on being a sponge for knowledge & connecting with people so she can provide the best service to her clients. It’s all about people skills! As she puts it, being a people-person in a people-business makes all the difference. More than this we also talk about balancing personal and professional commitments; as well as, how providing digestible bits of info and carefully curating your words makes a world of difference when it comes to communication. Tune in to hear more about Natalie’s experience, her mantra & advice!

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