Realtor’s Conspiracy Podcast Episode 212 – Sustainability, Innovation & Technology

On our episode this week we sit down with Sylvia Gedge, CEO and Co-founder of Script String. A company & team of experts helping clients to innovate on the sustainability front! Sylvia is all about sustainability practices, trends & innovations to elevate our communities. As we chat with Sylvia, we dive into how society has and continues to adapt to sustainability practices both on a personal level and a business level. We explore sustainability as it relates to Real Estate; looking at how sustainable efforts transcend through to construction, design, products & more! Sylvia also expands on the topic of net zero building trends, the role government plays, and how mindsets are shifting towards a connection with nature and natural environments. There is lots that we unpack in this episode as it’s all about tangible and progressive actions. Tune in to learn all about the value in sustainability as it has become a top-of-mind consideration for today’s buyers & sellers!

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