Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 226 – Re-Watch: Streamlining The Home-Buying Process

Throwback! We’re re-sharing an oldie but a goodie as the information in this episode is just as relevant now, especially when we are considering the shift to a buyers market. Join us this week as we sit down with Mortgage Agent Emily Miszk of Port Credit Mortgages and jump into the financing side of home-buying. This episode is packed with key information when it comes to the process and planning of purchasing a home. Tune in as Emily shares how she and her tight-knit team help to simplify the steps to home ownership, as well as, the importance of adapting your team to the needs of the client. Together, we also dive into the parts of a pre-approval that shouldn’t be missed and the role of realtors in helping to develop this partnership. Grab your pen and paper as you’ll be wanting to take notes on this Realtors’ Conspiracy episode!

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