Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 227 – Integrity & Abundance

Realtors’ Conspiracy host Maude is joined by Suzanne Seini – the dynamic force behind Innovate Realty in the heart of Orange County, California. In this enlightening conversation, Suzanne shares her secrets to success in the real estate industry, focusing on principles that revolve around abundance, empowerment, and integrity. With a thriving brokerage boasting over 200 agents, Suzanne delves into her income-boosting strategies and emphasizes the significance of nurturing enduring relationships built on trust. She highlights the importance of doing right by people and upholds a strong work ethic herself. Her genuine passion for real estate is evident as she discusses her program, Mentoracle, designed to elevate other agents and foster industry growth! For Suzanne, the classic saying is true – its not what you say it’s how you say it! Be sure to tune in to discover Suzanne’s perspective on making transactions collaborative rather than combative, the value of a good reputation, and effective communication.

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